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Founded by a former NCAA athlete and former NCAA investigator, Nevius Legal is dedicated to advocating for college athletes, prospective college athletes, and their families.  Nevius Legal advises clients regarding initial eligibility, scholarship reductions, transfer cases, waiver requests, NCAA investigations, drug test appeals, student-athlete reinstatement cases, and more.  The demands and pressures are higher than ever for NCAA athletes and their families.  Nevius Legal is here to help.



How Nevius Legal Can Help You


Nevius Legal represents athletes involved in eligibility issues of all types, particularly involving the NCAA.  Too often, athletes are left on their own without any representation on serious and complex matters that impact their eligibility, financial aid, and even professional aspirations. 

Sometimes, an athlete's interests are aligned with the University's, which may hire outside counsel for the athlete under NCAA rules, particularly during investigations, drug appeals, and waiver requests.  Boosters may also cover the cost of legal representation.

Other times, athletes have no support from the University, boosters, or coaches and are left feeling abandoned at one of the most pivotal and consequential times in their lives.  Nevius Legal has the experience and understanding to help guide athletes and their families through these types of matters and more.

  • Scholarship reductions

  • Transfer cases

  • Waiver Requests

  • Initial Eligibility

  • Student-Athlete Reinstatement

  • Drug Test Appeals

  • International Athlete Eligibility

  • NCAA & Internal Investigations

  • Agent Selection, Draft preparation, & Pre-Professional advice

  • Gender Equity




Meet Tim

From NCAA athlete to NCAA investigator and lawyer, Tim Nevius has over a decade of experience in college sports. Following his baseball career at the University of Dayton, Tim graduated first in his law school class before joining the NCAA as an investigator.  In that role, he helped lead some of the NCAA's highest-profile enforcement cases and conducted investigations at college campuses across the country.  As a liaison to the Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, Tim also worked with athletes from every Division I conference on NCAA legislation and policy considerations affecting athletes.

After five years at the NCAA, Tim earned an LL.M. with honors from Columbia Law School and went on to form a college sports practice at Winston & Strawn in New York.  As co-chair of that practice, Tim helped initiate and lead a federal antitrust lawsuit on behalf of Division I athletes to challenge NCAA rules that prohibit compensation in the multibillion-dollar college sports industry. He also advised high school, college, and Olympic athletes and their families on a variety of eligibility issues, including NCAA transfer cases, scholarship reductions, drug appeals, and waiver requests.

As a former Division I scholarship athlete, Tim understands first-hand the pressure and demands that college athletes face on the field and in the classroom.  As a one-time transfer athlete and having spent a year in residence as a redshirt, Tim has been through the confusing maze of NCAA bylaws that regulate athletes.  He is dedicated to using his combination of experience as an NCAA athlete, investigator, and lawyer to work hard on behalf of college athletes in a system that too often lets them down.

Tim has conducted lobbying efforts in conjunction with the National College Players Association and testified before the California legislature in favor of enhanced health and safety protections for college athletes.  He is also a regular speaker and guest lecturer on college sports issues and has taught a sports law course as an adjunct professor.  He has been quoted and his work has been highlighted in some of the nation's leading sports publications.  Tim's passion in advocating for college athletes continues as the founder of Nevius Legal, where he believes in fighting for fairness, speaking for those without a voice, and the ultimate power of the underdog.

Education   LL.M., Columbia Law School  Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar   J.D., University of Dayton School of Law  Summa Cum Laude   B.A., University of Dayton  Magna Cum Laude      Admissions   Florida, 2018 New York, 2013 Indiana, 2012 Illinois, 2006


LL.M., Columbia Law School
Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar

J.D., University of Dayton School of Law
Summa Cum Laude

B.A., University of Dayton
Magna Cum Laude


Florida, 2018
New York, 2013
Indiana, 2012
Illinois, 2006


In the Media


The Change Agent: How Tim Nevius, former NCAA investigator, is working to reform college sports

The Athletic, March 27, 2018

"Indeed, Nevius is a rare breed. He has gone from enforcing the NCAA’s rulebook to speaking out against it. In recent years, he has worked on a lawsuit that aims to blow up amateurism; last year he testified in front of California lawmakers about the need for increased protections for player safety; and recently he opened a law firm dedicated to helping players caught in the crosshairs of the NCAA."

The Curious Case of Kristian Fulton: A Two-Year Ban, a Last-Ditch Appeal and a Spotlight on the NCAA

Sports Illustrated, June 13, 2018

"Some were altogether shocked by the story, including Tim Nevius, a former NCAA enforcement officer who now leads a New York-based law practice that represents college athletes on a full-time basis."

NCAA transfer rules may take a big step forward with legislation up for review this week

CBS Sports, June 11, 2018

"One of Nevius' clients is Evansville soccer player Taran McMillan. The freshman is seeking to transfer after a season in which she was named to the Missouri Valley all-freshman team."

Jeffrey Kessler files against NCAA

ESPN, March 18, 2014

"Kessler also has a former NCAA insider riding shotgun in this effort: Tim Nevius, previously one of the organization's top investigators of rules violations and now co-chair of the college sports practice at their New York-based law firm. As an associate director of enforcement, Nevius worked on some of the NCAA's most high-profile investigations, including that of Ohio State football, whose former coach, Jim Tressel, lost his job after admitting to Nevius he had broken NCAA rules related to his knowledge of the sale of memorabilia by players."

Inside the first legally binding contract between a college athlete and a school 

CBS Sports, June 14, 2017

"'I think the biggest impact of the document could be it educates athletes and families about benefits to them that are not uniformly provided,' said Tim Nevius, a former NCAA enforcement official."

'Amateurism is a myth': Athletes file class-action against NCAA

CNN, April 5, 2014

In recent years, prominent coaches like the University of South Carolina's football coach, Steve Spurrier, have come out in favor of paying players, while Kessler's legal team even has a convert, Tim Nevius, a former NCAA lead investigator who is now playing for the other side.


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