How Nevius Legal Can Help You


Nevius Legal represents athletes involved in eligibility issues of all types, particularly involving the NCAA.  Too often, athletes are left on their own without any representation on serious and complex matters that impact their eligibility, financial aid, and even professional aspirations. 

Sometimes, an athlete's interests are aligned with the University's, which may hire outside counsel for the athlete under NCAA rules, particularly during investigations, drug appeals, and waiver requests.  Boosters may also cover the cost of legal representation.

Other times, athletes have no support from the University, boosters, or coaches and are left feeling abandoned at one of the most pivotal and consequential times in their lives.  Nevius Legal has the experience and understanding to help guide athletes and their families through these types of matters and more.

  • Scholarship reductions

  • Transfer cases

  • Waiver Requests

  • Initial Eligibility

  • Student-Athlete Reinstatement

  • Drug Test Appeals

  • International Athlete Eligibility

  • NCAA & Internal Investigations

  • Agent Selection, Draft preparation, & Pre-Professional advice

  • Gender Equity